A small bat's curiosity leads to an adventure filled odyssey in the acclaimed Silverwing novel from award-winning author, Kenneth Oppel.

Written By
Kenneth Oppel.

Best-Selling Children's Novel

Based on the award-winning series of novels by Kenneth Oppel, Silverwing is an anthropomorphic epic fantasy in which a curious young bat is separated from his colony after breaking a sacred law.

He embarks on a perilous journey to find his family, discovering secrets of an unspeakable conspiracy, and a long-held prophecy which may just save them all in this classic yet timely coming-of-age adventure.

Book Series

As a feature, Silverwing is a compelling fish out of water, coming of age, against all odds journey in which a pair of unlikely heroes triumph in their own ways: Shade, by being curious, determined, and ultimately, courageous. Marina, by being intuitive, strategic, and tenacious.

As a series, we have the freedom to explore the world of the books in an expansive way, exploring the evolution of character motivations, relationships, and additional world-building opportunities.

It’s an inspiring story of personal potential vs. limiting beliefs, friendship and loyalty, and an exploration of the beneficial and destructive nature of belief; the power of intellectual freedom.

The laws that condemn the bats to darkness further also explores the theme of Orwell’s Animal Farm, that ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely, and how this corruption shapes prejudice and paradigm.

Shade is the runt of his colony, always being picked on and continually looking to prove himself against the bigger, stronger tormentors in his colony. But he is astutely curious.

When he disobeys a forbidden law and stays out past twilight to see the sun, he brings about the wrath of Owls, who destroy the colony’s home, and their legacy, recorded history, with it.

The bats are forced into an early migration as winter approaches.

During a storm, Shade is separated from his mother and meets Marina, a brightwing bat who has been outcast due to her being marked by the humans with a strange silver band on her forearm.

Along the way, Shade and Marina meet a remarkable cast of characters including: Zephyr, a mystical albino bat with an unusual gift; Luger, a manipulative grey wolf looking to rule the forest, and the devious Goth, a cannibalistic spectral bat with plans of his own.

What follows is a thrilling saga in which one small bat discovers his very big purpose after he dares to do that which bats have been forbidden for millions of years: to see the light of day.

Journey beyond the shadows and embrace the power of friendship with Shade and Marina in the upcoming book adaptation

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