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The Iconic Vampirella Universe
by Dynamite Comics


Based on the New York Times Bestseller
"Wish" by Barbara O' Connor


A Native American Mystery Series
By Aimee' and David Thurlo


Bestselling Children's Novel
By Kenneth Oppel


A Biker Detective Crime-Thriller
by Mike Baron


Feature Film

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We are a transmedia entertainment studio with a passion for timeless and transcendent storytelling across film, television, gaming, publishing, web3, and beyond!

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Current Projects



Spanning over 50 years, Vampirella is the centerpiece of a powerful legacy and an ever-expanding franchise rooted in the rich lore of vampire mythology, the supernatural, and even the interdimensional.

Vampirella is the first of the female super-anti-heroes in comics and the longest running vampire franchise in comics history.

Her arrival marked a trail of mysterious tales and high-stakes adventures that would begin Vampirella’s awakening: a quest for purpose, identity, and resolution of a complicated moral code over the decades and into the modern era.
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Ella Clah is a Police Special Investigator, is considered one of the most enduring and popular characters in Detective fiction today.

As an FBI agent in Los Angeles, Ella finds herself questioning everything she once believed about herself and her people when she is reluctantly pulled back to the Reservation she was raised on to investigate the ritualistic murder of her father.

18 Books later, Ella's dedicated fans long waited dreams of the bestselling, critically acclaimed series, coming to TV is coming true soon!
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"Wishbone" is a heartwarming and captivating movie based on the New York Times Bestseller "Wish" by Barbara O'Connor. It tells the story of eleven-year-old Charlie, a girl who has been dealt a tough hand in life. Living in a trailer park with her mother and younger brother, Charlie dreams of a better life and a real home.

When she meets a stray dog named Wishbone, her life takes an unexpected turn.

Through their friendship, Charlie learns about the power of hope, friendship, and the importance of finding your voice. "Wishbone" is a beautifully written tale that will touch the hearts of readers of all ages.
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Along the way, Shade encounters various challenges and meets new friends, all while discovering the secrets of the bat world.

With its vivid descriptions and engaging storyline, "Silverwing" is sure to captivate audiences of all ages."Silverwing" is an exciting and thrilling book written by Kenneth Oppel. It follows the journey of a young bat named Shade as he embarks on a dangerous adventure to find his missing father.
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completed feature film


"Beyond White Space" is a science fiction movie that takes place in the year 2150. It follows the crew of a deep space fishing vessel called the Essex as they embark on a dangerous mission to capture a legendary creature known as a "Dragos."

The crew must navigate through treacherous space and face various challenges in their pursuit of this elusive creature. The movie combines elements of action, adventure, and suspense to create an exciting and thrilling story.
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FUTURE Productions


In the series of white knuckle mysteries, Josh Pratt is an outlaw biker turned private investigator in a genre-bending confluence of biker and detective lore, twisting like an F5 tornado through authentic landscapes and subcultures such as the renown Sturgis Biker Rally, a Midwest college campus, the politically turbulent lands of the Okapachee Sioux, the bizarre world of the occult, and the deadly criminal underground of the Paraguayan jungles.

All the while, crossing paths with arms dealers, bull breeders, cult leaders, kidnappers, exotic animal traffickers, and even his estranged father, who abandoned him at a truck stop when he was 15 years old.
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